English Language School in Fiji Island: Location & Facilities

English Language School in Fiji Island has 2 campuses: in Nadi and Lautoka. We have 43 classes with maximum of 15 students per class. Students will be placed either at Nadi Campus or Lautoka Campus according to the duration of their stay and their English level. All classrooms have AC.

There is Wireless Internet connection on both campuses (students should have their own laptop). You can also use internet cafes. In Fiji, internet café is from 2FJD (1USD) per hour.

In Lautoka, there is a dormitory on campus.

Nadi, the third-largest conurbation in Fiji. It is located on the western side of the main island of Viti Levu, and had a population of 42,284 at the most recent census, in 2007. Nadi is multiracial with many of its inhabitants Indian or Fijian, along with a large transient population of foreign tourists. Along with sugar cane production, tourism is a mainstay of the local economy. The Nadi region has a higher concentration of hotels and motels than any other part of Fiji.

Nadi is a hub of commerce and tourism, with about 18 hotels, and is popular among travelers seeking to take ferries to island resorts in Fiji's western Mamanuca Group of islands. The town is also close to the western mud-flat beaches. It is also close to the Nausori highlands to the east, and can access the Sabeto and Sigatoka valleys. Other sites are the Waqadra Botanical Gardens, and the Sleeping Giant Gardens, which house Raymond Burr's magnificent orchid collection.

Lautoka is the second largest city of Fiji. It is in the west of the island of Viti Levu, 24 kilometers north of Nadi, and is the second port of entry in Fiji, after Suva. Lying in the heart of Fiji's sugar cane growing region, it is known as the Sugar City. Covering an area of 16 square kilometers, it had a population of 52,220 at the 2007 census, the most recent to date.

English Language School is located next to the local schools, "Namaka Public School" and "Namaka Public School Kindergarten" in the same school compound. Students of our English Language School are able to enjoy talking with local children on a break time and after school.

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