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Fiji Islands consist of 333 islands. You can go to some islands just for one day, which is called a one day cruise. There are many types of day cruises available and the price generally includes lunch and transfer to the island. You can go snorkeling, swimming, or simply lie down on the white sand and soak up the glorious sun. Here are some islands popular amongst our students, or you can go and explore new islands by yourself!

South Sea Island - This is the closest island to the main island. As a result, South Sea Island offers you the longest amount of time to relax, out of all the day cruises. You can enjoy snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, perhaps even a massage, or just lazing on the beach.

Mana Island - Cruise out through the beautiful Mamanuca Islands enroute to Mana Island. Meander in through the lagoon then step ashore to enjoy the delights of this wonderful island. You can also spend nights in the beautiful bures (rooms) available on the island.

Beachcomber Island - This is called "Party Island". There are various types of accommodation, entertainment and marine activities to be enjoyed. Travellers from all over the world make a pit-stop here to enjoy its activities and festivities.

Bounty Island - This is generally a quieter island, which can be the perfect environment for a loving couple. Or it can simply be an island to gather your thoughts and get away from it all.



Fiji Islands have an incredible number of locations to go scuba-diving. There are different types of scuba-diving adventures such as turtle watching or shark-diving. If you don't have a license for scuba-diving, you can obtain one in Fiji Islands by taking a diving course or you can still enjoy the experience of diving without a license as well. You'll witness the amazing world and multitude of marine life beneath the surface.

Surfing and Bodyboarding


There are two surfing points near Nadi. One is Natadola, 40 minutes away by bus from downtown Nadi. The other is Kulu-kulu beach, 60 minutes away by bus from downtown Nadi. These local points are where Fijians go surfing. Also, Tavalua Island and Namotu Island are two popular islands which are conducive to surfing all year round. These islands are famous worldwide amongst surfers. However, beginners should avoid trying to learn to surf at these locations. These surf breaks are for professionals because the waves can be higher than 30 meters.

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