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Santa Ana is the second largest city in El Salvador, located 64 kilometers west of San Salvador, the capital city. The city is situated among many beautiful green hills such as Tecana hill and Hills of Santa Lucía, among others. In the southern part of the municipality is the Ilamatepec volcano, the highest volcano in the country.

Santa Ana is a very important city in terms of agriculture, coffee production(coffee is in all the stores) and more. Santa Ana has a mall, restaurants, good paved roads and nice people you can talk to. It also has some of the best architecture in El Salvador, including the Cathedral of Santa Ana, a marvel of neo-gothic architecture, the Teatro de Santa Ana, beautifully decorated theatre of the early 1900's; and the Palacio Municipal, or in Spanish, the Municipal Palace, in front of the main plaza with giant palm trees shooting out from its courtyards.

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