Accommodation Options

Hotel and Rental Accomodations are available. Within a two block area in La Libertad, there are at least six hotels. Rooms are also available at many of the restaurants. When students arrive, they should start at the Restaurant Punta Roca. From there you can see most of the hotels, and then you can proceed directly to the one that most suits you and your budget.

  • La Posada de Don Lito
  • La Hacienda de Don Rodrigo
  • Hotel Rick
  • La Posada Familiar
  • El Nuevo Amanecer
  • Miramar Restaurante also rents rooms.

We can make a reservation... let us know the dates and what is required. (AC, TV, Private bath). Our preference has been La Posada Familiar, as it is cheap ($15 -$20 per night w/private bath), has a restaurant, is safe and comfortable. No AC, but the rooms all have fans, it is secure, lots of tourists stay there, and there is a nice rooftop veranda with views of the ocean.

Homestay is not available in La Libertad.

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