Tropical Ecology Summer Study Abroad Program in Costa Rica.

Course duration: 4 and 1/2 weeks (5 credits):

  • 2  week Online course in the US (July 20 - 31, 2009)
  • 2 and 1/2 week Field Course in Costa Rica (August 5 - 22,  2009)

The course is taught in English.


  • 2 weeks online virtual course
  • 2 weeks field course in Costa Rica
  • Didactic Materials
  • Round trip airport transfer and all ground transportation
  • All lodging and hotels during field course and all meals
  • Entrances to national parks
Program Description:

There is no better way to learn about tropical ecology than to witness it first hand. Costa Rica offers the most amazing diversity. This program is the perfect way to obtain knowledge about the interrelated nature of tropical flora and fauna while learning the importance of managing natural resources and preserving natural environments. The existence of many different types of tropical environments in Costa Rica makes it an incredible place to study. With tropical beaches, active volcanoes, and impressive waterfalls participants can experience the majesty of Mother Nature.

Students will learn about the importance of environmental conservation as well as the possibilities of sustainable development. The study of marine ecosystems, tropical biodiversity, and integrated coastal management will illustrate the relationships between humans, plants, and animals as well as demonstrate the fragility of such environments. This program provides a unique opportunity for students to not only learn about tropical environments but to see it and feel it in person.

The purpose of this program is to expose international students to:

  • General comprehension of the concepts and issues in relation to the development and conservation of Tropical Ecology.
  • Introduction to Costa Rican ecosystems, biodiversity and environmental issues through field trips and field work in three different types of forests, volcanic zone, coral reef and mangroves and estuaries.
  • The importance of Ecological conservation.

On-line Content

  • Global Interactions on Earth: Life on the Ocean and on Land and Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions
  • Ecology: Basic Concepts in Ecology
  • Anthropogenic interventions: Pollution, Deforestation and Conservation

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