Photography in San Jose, Costa Rica!

PHOT 101 Introduction to Photography (must take concurrently with 102) (2 credits)

This is a theoretical/practical course that will introduce the fundamental theories and basic processes of the photographic camera Reflex of 35mm and the specifications of its use, the different types of film negatives in black and white their characteristics and potentials for their application etc. This course looks at the hierarchy of the significance of light and its connection with nature, distribution, and relation with the formation of visual images and photographs, these with the existent relations between time of exposure and lighting.

PHOT 102 Photography Laboratory I (must take concurrently with 101) (2 credits)

This course deals with the basic processes of the laboratory, and the knowledge of the variables for the use of materials of service: equipment and materials for developing black and white photography, the film (handle, density, grain), the paper (XXXXX, fixed grain, variable contrast), chemicals, techniques to control the contrast (filters, plate restrictions, intensifiers), techniques to improve the zones of photography (stands, masks, filters), etc.

PHOT 305 Latin American Culture (3 credits)

This course deals with the fundamental guidelines of Latin American thought through the representative exponents of literary productions. This course evaluates Latin America's development from colonial time to the contemporary era emphasizing the benefits of narratives as essential resources for the bringing about of cultural reflection around the region with a construction of the students own imagination.

PHOT 404 History of Photography I (3 credits)

This course introduces the history and evolution of photography from its origin (1839) until 1920. Through the knowledge and evaluative analysis of works and representative authors of this chronological segment this course will bring about the reflection on the development of the technical particularities of photography and its significance from the documental and cultural point of view.

PHOT 604 Costa Rican and Latin American Photography (3 credits)

The course analyzes the development of photography in Latin America with emphasis placed on Costa Rica, taking notice of the most significant guidelines in its evolution while evaluating its significance in the historical context of world photography. Students will study works produced by Latin American artists and Costa Rican correspondents of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This course covers the recognition of the photographic image as an expressive resource of high cultural representation and brings about the historical investigation and the updating of the theme in the Latin American and local arena.

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