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INDS 101 Composition and Form Workshop I (4 credits)

This course introduces the basic elements of visual communication through abstract two-dimensional methods. Defines and exercises concepts of composition, contrast, balance, proportion, rhythm, representation, association, symbolism, etc. taking into account the linguistic and cultural implications in the area of design.

INDS 103 Introduction to Research Methods (3 credits)

This course instructs and motivates students in the development of research as a basic component of the creative process and as an essential way to assimilate and construct knowledge. Based on relationships between concepts of science, art, and research and fundamental definitions this course will establish guidelines of historical behavior. From this premise the student will learn to investigate and consider artistic products related to their specialization.

INDS 203 Color Workshop (4 credits)

This course deals with the fundamental theories and the perception of color through the analysis of psychological, symbolic, and semiological attributes and the application of these concepts to interior design. This course favors the generation of creative and original proposals for the solution of projects, which categorize the communicative potential of colors in relation to the function of spaces that qualify.

INDS 303 Aesthetic Psychology (3 credits)

This course deals with the general aspects of the theory of perception as a cognitive construction from the world in which we live, emphasizing the principles of interior design as a strategy to generate pleasing environmental experiences, security, or motivational inspiration. This course focuses on the environment as a scenario of communication and social interaction, and as a system of symbols and emotional dispositions of a space as text. The course is oriented towards the reflexive and creative capacities of future interior designers in their relationship with potential clients.

INDS 304 History of Interior Design I (4 credits)

This course analyzes and reflects on different stages of the historical development of private life (from the primitive community to the Middle Ages) assuming the definition of living as social space. The main theme corresponds with references to occidental cultures and will bring about the comparative study of the results of important centers of Oriental societies, pre-Hispanic with views that favor student knowledge and the amplification of cultural and aesthetic concepts. The course offers the necessary interdisciplinary perspective using, as fundamental sources, the History of Art, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology of Art, Theory of Design, Culture and Architecture theories.

INDS 305 Materials I (3 credits)

This course offers the student theoretical and logical definitions, techniques that are fundamental for the recognition and utilization of different materials of construction (concrete, lumber, metals, transparent materials, lights, etc.) in the planning and implementation of an interior design project. These practical duties favor respective reflection and the application of these materials to a functional aesthetic point of view.

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