Film and Television in San Jose, Costa Rica!

CTV 104 History of Film I (4 credits)

This course offers a general vision of film as a method of artistic expression, massive communication and as an industry of entertainment. It deals with subject guidelines such as: language, structure of work, and cinematographic genres which analyze the factors that take part in the production and commercial exploitation of a movie. A survey of different trends, works and authors represented in the history of film.

CTV 204 History of Film II (4 credits)

This course focuses on the elements of cinematographic language developed during the twentieth century such as the incorporation of sound with digital and special effects. Student will learn to recognize the phenomena of film as a result of social, aesthetic, and economic relations through the formal and reflexive analysis of paradigmatic examples of large European and American productions.

CTV 302 Script Theory and Techniques (4 credits)

This course introduces the techniques of dramatic composition from a semiological focus through the study and the comprehension of the theory of visual codes and the processes of meaning that the writing implies for these representations. Analyzes and exercises the elements that an audiovisual script is composed of and its specifics for different communicative mediums: radio, film, and T.V.

CTV 304 History of Film III (4 credits)

This course deals with the most relevant stages and productions of Latin American cinematography and its relation to universal film. Students will learn about the importance of the construction of regional and national identities in Latin America through the analysis of three large film production centers of the first half of the century: Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. The course emphasizes the evolution of Costa Rican film from its beginning to the present era.

CTV 403 Cinematographic Aesthetics (3 credits)

This course proposes the aesthetic analysis of expressive methods of film and T.V. through the study and debate of film theories and the definition of the particular and differentiating features of cinematographic language as a particular expressive resource. Students will deal with the relations within the aesthetic theories of T.V. (representative authors of different eras and tendencies) and their socio-historic and ideological conditioning.

CTV 504 Costa Rican Culture (4 credits)

This course is a general and integral panorama of the Costa Rican culture from its origin until the contemporary era through the evolutionary analysis of different branches of artistic production: literary, plastic, musical, and scenic. This course sets out from a perspective that favors the reflection upon the evolution of these artistic processes through fundamental themes to understand the local culture as a case of identity and the characteristics of the definition and application of cultural politics through history.

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