Environmental Studies in San Jose, Costa Rica!

ENV 3005: Environmental Impact And Social Development (Taught in English) 4 credits (60 hours)

An introduction to the study of major environmental problems and issues confronting modern society. Students will examine Ecosystems, population patterns and dynamics; use and misuse of resources; population and environmental quality; environmental citizenship and economic incentives and Costa Rican initiatives in eco-tourism.

ENV 3044 Tropical Ecology (Taught in English) 4 credits (60 hours)

This course will provide students with a general overview of tropical ecology. Students will gain insight about basic ecological concepts and be able to explore a variety of ecosystems, their animals and the multiple and complex ecological interactions that can be found in these areas. Costa Rica is a tropical country with an immensely rich biodiversity and for this reason a very representative area to these studies. Emphasis will be given to the study of the ecosystems found in Costa Rica, but others will be discussed as well.

ENV 3190 Tropical Marine Biology (Taught in English) 4 credits (60 hours)

The oceans were formed between 4400 and 3500 million years ago, and they occupy about 71% of the Earth's surface. Tropical seas hold the highest ecosystem and species diversity of the oceans. This course has been designed to introduce the basic concepts of oceanography, marine geology, marine ecology and marine biology, with emphasis on the interaction between species, between species and their environment and between ecosystems. It also provides information on the natural and human environmental impact, and the utility, management and conservation of the ecosystems. Open Water Certified Divers may pay a $100 fee in order to complete 2 immersions in each field trip.

ENV 4040 Environmental Awareness And Sustainable Development (Taught in English) 4 credits (60 hours)

This course is an introduction to the natural resources conservation status in Costa Rica, associated to the sustainable development model intended by the government. Costa Rica is well known for its conservation policies and it intends to apply sustainable development concepts.

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