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DA 101 Design I ( 3 credits)

This course introduces the basic principles in Design through the analysis and application of the theories of the visual alphabet: composition, proportion, scale, etc. Students will learn to understand them as a linguistic resource for the conception and projection of ideas. The course offers the necessary tools for the development of abilities in two dimensional representation using different techniques of expression in black and white, like the use of graphite and ink in diverse mediums with the goal of inciting experimentation and creativity.

DA 102 Drawing I (3 credits)

This course develops the knowledge of the basic concepts and techniques of drawing by hand. Introduces and exercises procedures and criteria for the representation of three-dimensional space: perspective, score, negative and positive space, organizational lines, tonal values, etc. This course focuses on the learning and application of expressive drawing and free drawing which allows the student the possibility to develop abilities of reproducing an image, and at the same time, their skill and intuition before the creative process.

DA 103 Introduction to Multimedia (4 credits)

This course offers the basic tools necessary to be able to begin to express their thoughts in three large areas: Digital art, digital animation, and interactivity. Addresses and exercises concepts like timeline, frame, script, creation, and editing of bitmap images. The course introduces themes related with editing, creation, and post-production of videos.

DA 104 Aesthetics and representation (3 credits)

This course is an exposure to the fundamental aspects of the evolution of philosophical thought with attention given to detailed models of history (classic, modern, contemporary) in their relation with the concepts of space and representation offering the student basic instruments to develop an appropriate conceptual and critical reflection on their field of professional work.

DA 105 Artistic Literature (3 credits)

This course addresses literature as a form of particular artistic expression and explores it in this specialization as an alternative for the construction of speeches of high symbolic content. The study and interpretive decoding of universal literatures master works favors the humanist formation within the student. Provides idea-aesthetic essential for the cultural and imaginative development, which is required in the professional field of digital animation.

DA 203 Animation 1 (3 credits)

This course introduces the basic principles of animation through specific exercises about the expressive possibilities of movement apparent in the animated drawings (fabrication), the language, style, time, rhythm, (gesticulations), sound, and the personality of the characters utilizing the digital technology to accelerate the learning process.

DA 204 History of Animation I (3 credits)

This course is an introduction to the study of animation through the technical, aesthetic, and social analysis, which determines the development of artistic methods. The course analyzes the particularities of this industry through the recognition of the pioneering studies developed in the U.S.A. in the first half of the 20th century, the evolutionary process throughout history placing emphasis on stylistic definitions, and criteria of the preferences of public spectators.

DA 205 Basic Principles of acting (3 credits)

The fundamental concepts related to the field of interpretive art and essential tools for the foundation of a professional of audiovisual production. Brings about themes like the role, the specific functions of the director and actor, and analyzes the dramatic text as a point of interaction within both components of the creative proposal. The course reflects on the importance of the script and the director's accurate presentation of strategies that make feasible an organized production with efficiency of resource investment both economic and temporal.

DA 405 Art and Civilization (3 credits)

This course establishes the coordinated fundamentals for the development of different forms of artistic expression from its origin until the contemporary era. The course analyzes the cultural process through the relations between image, design, and thought systems centering attention on symbolic models, which allow the establishment of historical guidelines as they appeared. The elected themes favor the recognition of the dialogical relations between the western culture and Latin America, this as an enrichment and the actualization of the focuses for the reflection on the most recent artistic practices.

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