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COMM 3200 Intercultural Communication and Competence - 3cr. (Taught in English) (48 hours)

This course addresses issues of diversity and commonalities amongst human beings, implications and applications according to each situation and professional context. Students will develop skills for intercultural competence.

ECON 3403 Introduction To International Economics & Latin American - 3 cr.(Taught in English) (48 hours)

Examines Latin American policies that affect the international economy, with attention to trade barriers, economic nationalism and regionalism, international political economy, exchange market intervention and international transmission of economic perturbations.

GEB 3350 Introduction To International Business - 3cr. (Taught in English) (48 hours)

An overview of cultural environment of international business and the institutions which affect business today. The Latin American perspective with regard to the U.S., Asia and Europe is examined: NAFTA, Merco sur, the EC and other common market areas and agreements.

GEB 3500 Ecotourism: The Costa Rica Case - 4cr. (Taught in English) (60 hours)

It will offer the chance to analyze this dynamic process from different socio-economic perspectives. It will discuss the economic importance of ecotourism for the Costa Rican national economy, the stimulation of grassroots, community ecotourism projects, and the role of ecotourism in securing environmental protection. The advances and limitations of ecotourism will be explored.

MGMT 3021 Logistics Management - 3 cr. (Taught in English)

An overview of logistics management areas within the domestic and international contexts. Examines logistics objectives such as warehousing, inventory control, transportation, import-export logistics, etc. Emphasis is given on the importance of legal aspects in certain logistics areas.

MGMT 3030 Creative Leadership Skills - 3 cr. (Taught in English)

Provides the opportunity to learn about and practice the skills required for managerial excellence. These skills include leadership, negotiation, conducting performance appraisals, delegation, effective communication, interviewing and making hiring decisions and effective human resource management.

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