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ARCH 3112 History of Latin American Architecture and Art - 3 cr.(Taught in English) (48 hours)

This course offers a chronological overview of main invents and influences that contributed to the making of past and present architecture in Latin America analyzing the artistic manifestations.

ARCH 3200 Tropical Architecture and Design- 4 cr.(Taught in English) (60 hours)

The objective of this course is to learn about climatic design in the tropics and develop the skills to analyze a particular geographical situation. Students will become familiarized with restricted resource usage; the knowledge of land and climate and the rural tradition where domestic construction is passed on from one generation to another.

ART 2100 Art Fundamentals: Theory and Practice-3 cr.(48 hours)

This is course is designed for the beginner to help the student find personal meaning in works of art and develop a better understanding of the nature and validity of art as visual and space language (line, shape, volume, light, space, time, motion, color, and texture). This means that you will learn about the essentials of art through experience and experimentation. Through determination and an open mind, you will increase your creativity and discover more interesting ways to understand and judge the visual arts. Emphasis is on the diversity of form and content in artwork. With willingness to work and an open mind, your experiences in this class will be memorable in a positive way. Upon completion, students should understand the basics of art materials used and have a basic overview of the history of art and how art represents its society, especially, Latin American culture.

ART 1301 Basic principles of Drawing- 3 cr. (48 hours)

This studio art course introduces basic principles of drawing. The course includes model drawings, landscape drawings and experimental (abstract) drawings. The focus of this course is on the development of expression and observational drawing from still life, a model and landscapes.

DNCE 2500 Introduction To Latin American Tropical Dance - 3 cr.(Taught in English) (48 hours)

An introduction to technique, rhythm and movement style of Latin American Tropical Dance. History, anthropology, folklore and songs are part of this experiential course.

HUM 3300 Central American Art- 3 cr.(Taught in English) (48 hours)

A survey of Central American art covering twenty centuries of aesthetic and cultural production: Pre-Conquest, Colonial, Baroque, Independence, Modern and Contemporary. We will examine the ways literature, spaces, objects, and images have functioned across a broad spectrum of history, region, and culture in what are now the Central American countries.

HUM 3513 Arts And Humanities: Costa Rica Colloquium - 3 cr.(Taught in English) (48 hours)

A general survey of the complex heritage and social evolution of Costa Rica, examined through a comprehensive and multidisciplinary view focusing on the historical development and present day dynamics of economy, society, polity, natural resources and culture. Emphases will be placed upon different topics during the course, according to students' backgrounds and expectations.

ETH-3100 Selected Topics In Afro-American Studies - 3 cr. (Taught in English) (48 hours)

This course examines a particular topic, theme, issue, or problem concerning the Black presence in Costa Rica and Central America. Sample offerings could include Central America and ethnic politics, history and Culture, Blacks in Central American governments, Contemporary Black literature, History of the Black experience in Costa Rica.

PHIL 3100 Comparative Classical Philosophy (Taught in Spanish or English) (48 hours)

An overview of the history and selected concepts in major eastern and western philosophical movements and systems from ancient to the middle age periods. Students will reflect on certain topics such as mind-body, Concept of God, knowledge of self and others, predestination and free will, cause and effect and other fundamental ideas in classical knowledge.

PHOT- 2100 Ecological Photography - 3cr. (Taught in English) (48 hours)

A general knowledge in the reaches and the stages of digital photography. By applying these principles in photographing wildlife, students will develop skills to create clearer images on a given subject. Students will undertake the task of observing and photographing flora and fauna in its natural environment. The course also studies how to manipulate and arrange images digitally in order to create an effective visual presentation.

PHOT 2130 Cultural Photography - 3cr.(Taught in English) (48 hours)

A general knowledge in the reaches and the stages of digital photography. Practical exercises and field trips students will apply the theoretical information provided in lectures to consciously explore Costa Rican culture. The focus of the projects is the creation of photographic images in black and white.

PHOT 2600 Digital Photography - 3cr. (Taught in Spanish or English) (48 hours)

The course offers a general knowledge in the reaches and the stages of digital photography. Through practice exercises aiming to apply the information provided through lectures, students will be able to consciously create and manipulate digital photographic images.

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