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ADDS 101 Design I (6 credits)

This course is an introduction to the study of design as the anatomy of a visual language. The program is oriented to reveal feeling and the professional vocation with a view of the comprehension of the social and universal values of visual graphic communication.

ADDS 104 Labeling and outlining (4 credits)

This course studies the typography and its application in the graphic solution of design. The course expands on alphabets and symbols as points of escape and the dominion of work instruments.

ADDS 203 Advertising Composition I (3 credits)

The course focuses on writing efficient, creative, and original messages for advertising announcements. Students will analyze and criticize existent texts in advertising.

ADDS 204 Presentation Techniques I (4 credits)

This course develops the principles for using techniques of graphic representation, materials, and the use of color, which the student should decide and apply experimentally in the solution of a visual requirement for the presentation of a project.

ADDS 205 History of Advertising Design I (3 credits)

This course presents the general problems of Art, Culture, and Civilization. Students will analyze basic notions and categories in the visualization of their complex historical origin in the development of the cultures and of art from pre-history to the Renaissance. The course stimulates an investigative attitude for the recognition of the artistic image.

ADDS 304 Marketing I (3 credits)

This course brings about aspects of marketing techniques, information systems, consumer conduct, buyer conduct, competitive advantage, and others.

ADDS 404 Communication I (3 credits)

This program addresses punctual knowledge to understand the interrelation within communication and other sciences, like semiotics and Advertising Design. Students will deal with basic principles in the planning of the advertising campaign process where it is necessary to launch with a basic end of persuasion.

ADDS 603 Advertising Psychology (3 credits)

This course focuses on the knowledge of the relationship between public, market, psychology, and processes such as motivation, perception, personality, as part of critical and creative methods of advertising strategies.

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