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University of Art, Design and Architecture in San Jose, Costa Rica is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education as a degree granting university. With our school you can earn university credits or ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), which are transferable to your home university. However, you will need a pre-approval at your college or university: contact the study abroad office or Spanish language department at your college prior to starting the program. It is important to get courses pre-approved in order to earn academic credit for your language and elective courses. We can send syllabi for you to review with your academic advisor.

Credit or ECTS: You may register to receive Credits or ECTS depending on the system which you are studying under.

Semesters are 15 week terms and there are three terms per year.

One Semester Credit is based on 15 hours of work during a 15 week term. Academic course work includes class contact hours (50 minutes), laboratories, community practices and research assignments. If a course meets 2 hours per week and it is worth 3 credits it means that it has a one hour per week lab, practice or research assignment. If a course meets 2 hours per week and it is only given 2 credits in the transcript it means that it is a r egular lecture course with only normal reading and homework assignments but no lab or field practice.

Students who want a transcript for the European system can receive ECTS credits based the contact hours and the extra laboratory or individual work load. One credit is worth 1.87 ECTS based on 1 hour / week x 15 weeks plus 200% extra individual work.

Transcripts: Official transcripts can be sent in Credits or ECTS. Transcripts are usually sent from Registrar to Registrar unless otherwise requested by the student or sending institution.

Study Abroad Academic Offerings & Program Options In Italy:

We offer unique study abroad programs in Cost Rica for university students and interested adults. You can study from 3 or 4 weeks to semester or academic year. You can learn Spanish at any level and you can combine Spanish language studies with academic and studio art courses taught in English. If you have advanced level of Spanish, you can join regular university courses in Architecture and Art & Design. We also offer unique summer study abroad programs in Tropical Marine Biology and Tropical Ecology.

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