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SPN 101 - Básico 1 ( 80 hours )

This course in an introduction to Spanish for beginners so no previous knowledge of the language is required. Students will develop thebasic linguistic skills in order to communicate in common simple situations. The course covers basic grammatical structures, vocabulary, communicative expressions and frequent situations in settings such as restaurants, stores, buses and others. Emphanisis is given on understanding, speaking, reading and cross-cultural perspectives.

SPN 102 - Básico 2 ( 80 hours )

This course is for students who have completed a minimum of 60 contact hours in Spanish studies andalready have a command on elementary grammatical tenses. Students will advance on their previous experiential knowledge and further develop their oral, reading, written and listening skills. Students will expand their vocabulary and language usagein order to facilitate interaction with the Costa Rican environment and be able to express themselves in the past.

SPN 201 - Intermedio 1 ( 80 hours ) Pre-requisite: SPN 102

Students in this course should have a good communicative command of usual everyday situations and a structural command of of the present tense.The objective of this course is the develop the student's skills emphasizing on oral and written presentations and more complex grammatical structures. Students should develop a good command of all past indicative tenses.

SPN 202 - Intermedio 2 ( 80 hours ) Pre-requisite: SPN 201

This course emphasizes the discourse enrichment on contexts related to description and simple narrations. The contents include vocabulary building and detailed work with the subjetive mode and other complex grammatical structures. Students will also learn idiomatic expressions used in Costa Rican.

SPN 210 - Español Conversacional Intermedio ( 80 hours ) Pre-requisite SPN 202

This course is for students who already have a high intermediate level of Spanish and wish to better their communicative skills and pronunciation. The emphasis is set on situational every day conversational and certain cultural issues. The methodology enhances strcutured speech to provide a firm base in patterns of spoken Spanish with progression towards free conversation.

SPN 301 - Avanzado 1 ( 80 hours )

This course is based on grammatical analysis, expansion of vocabulary, idiomatic expressions through readings, and student compositions at a complex level. The objective is for students to acquire a high level of communicative Spanish that will permit them to express their opinion and thoughts on complex and controversial subjects.

SPN 202 - Avanzado 2 ( 80 hours )

This course is for students who want to polish their oral and written skills. Students should have a high linguistic level and full knowledge of grammatical structures in order to work on polishing stylistics. Students will practice narrative constructions, reactions on non expected contexts, how to report compiled information.The course also covers important aspects about myths, beliefs and other cultural issues in Latin America.

SPN 310 - Español Conversacional Avanzado ( 80 hours )

This course is based on acquiring the skill of self correction. Students will acquire higher levels of diction and fluency through the exposure to oral contexts, idiomatic language and the varieties of Spanish spoken in different Spanish-speaking nations. This course develops skills in reading, discussion, analysis, self correction and research. Emphasis is given to pragmatic production and students must be prepared to spend a minimum of 2 extra hours per day for assignments.

SPN 340 - Técnicas de Expresión Oral ( 80 hours ) Pre-requisite SPN 301

This course focuses on advanced communication and presentation skills. Students will work on communication techniques and efficient oral expressionin formal contexts.

SPN 304 - Español para Negocios ( 80 hours )

This course is for students with an advanced level of Spanish who wish to learn general information about the development and processes of some of Costa Rica's main entrepreneurial settings. By the end of the course students will have a general knowledge of bussiness vocabulary and usual business practices in Costa Rica.

SPN 320 - Herencia Cultural en Latinoamérica ( 80 hours ) Pre requisite SPN 301

This course introduces relevant topics and issues in the development of Latin America's cultural heritage. Students will develop an understanding of intellectual, artistic, social and historical perspectives in Latin America with emphasis on Costa Rica.

SPN 330 - Español para hispanohablantes ( 80 hours ) Prerequisite:SPN 301

Dirigidoa estudiantes que hablan español como lengua nativa, peor que necesitan profundizar en el estudio de estructuras gramaticales complejas y enfatizar las destrezas de escucha, escritura y lectura. El objetivo es adquirir las herramientas necesarias para lograr una comunicación eficaz tanto a nivel oral como escrito.

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