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Our Intensive Spanish and culture program offers 12 different intensive (4 week/80 hours) courses in Spanish grammar, conversation and composition (applied linguistics). The use of authentic and practical contexts facilitates the acquisition of vocabulary and grammatical structures. Students are coached in the analysis of linguistic and extra-linguistic elements during the reading and writing practices. Our evaluation system in all Spanish courses integrates convergent (grammatical structures) and divergent (global use of language) techniques in our test procedures. All levels evaluate oral, listening, reading and writing assignments.

There is a maximum of 10 students in each Spanish language course.

All levels of Spanish Grammar, composition and Conversation courses are organized into four-week study units, consisting of 20 hours per week, following a natural progrssion through the levels. So you can study at our Spanish Language School from 4 to 36 weeks, which includes short-term programs, trimester, semester and academic year study abroad programs in Costa Rica.

In order to assure students' actual level of proficiency in Spanish, a written and oral placement test is administered on the first day of classes. Students are then assigned to the corresponding level.

Upon completion of the program, the University will issue an academic transcript or participation certificate. Transcripts can have either American system credits or European ECTS conversion. Click here for more information about the credit transfer for American and European students.

In addition to Spanish language courses, students can also take academic courses in Art & Humanities, International Business, Intercultural Communication, Environmental Sciences and Photography. These Special Elective Academic courses are taught in English. Advanced Spanish students can enroll on the Special Elective Academic courses taught in Spanish (Literature & Linguistics). Each special course is 12 weeks duration, 3 semester credit hours.

All elective courses are offered on demand. Students must enroll on these courses at least two months prior to arrival. We advise to make two choices of electives in case one doesn't open.

Advanced Spanish students can also enroll on the regular univeristy courses with Costa Rican students in Architecture and Art & Design. Each regular university course is 15 weeks duration.

You can select from the following Spanish language courses:

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