Volunteering Program in Costa Rica

We arrange internships in Costa Rica year round for all fields of study. Take advantage of our cooperation with numerous renowned Costa Rican and international businesses and organisations. You can begin an internship on every week of the year. You determine the duration of your internship together with your employer; however, the internship should be at least eight weeks long.

Spanish Language Courses in Heredia Costa RicaAn internship in Costa Rica accords you a unique opportunity to experience every day work life in a Central American business. Here you will learn other ways of thinking and doing business which might prove to be invaluable for your further professional career.

We mediate for internships all year round in all subject-areas throughout Costa Rica. You can benefit from our co-operation with numerous prestigious Costa Ricaian and international companies and organisations. You can begin an internship at any time of the year. And the duration you can determine after consulting the employer. Just a few internship opportunities in different subject-areas:

  • Business (e.g. in marketing, accounting, sales, ...)
  • Tourism (e.g. in a hotel, or with a tour operator or travel agent, ...)
  • Development (e.g. in a national park in the area of environmental protection, ...)
  • Social (e.g. working with children who live on the streets, ...)
  • Medicine (e.g. nursing or work placement in differen areas of medicine,...)
  • Biology (e.g. in marine biology, ...)
  • Information Technology (e.g. as a programmer,...)
  • Engineering (e.g. in road building, ...)
  • Architecture (e.g. with an architect, ...)
  • Physiotherapy (e.g. in a private clinic, ...)

Spanish Language Courses in Heredia Costa RicaDepending on the subject-area and the duration of the internship please apply 2-4 months before departure to Costa Rica. Shorter timescales are however also possible.

Important preconditions for the successful organisation internships are good knowledge of Spanish and a minimum duration of the work placement of 3 weeks. Advantageous is experience in the subject-area, very good knowledge of Spanish, previous study of the subject (e.g. at University), and a longer duration.

Should you not possess an adequate level of knowledge of Spanish, you can acquire them in our courses. If you do know enough Spanish, there is also the possibility to fresh up and improve your skills further by taking a preparatory course. Our specialised courses are especially suited for this (e.g. Business Spanish).

Students must book at least a 4-week language course with us. For absolute beginners we strongly recommend to enroll for at least 8 weeks Spanish Course with us.

Applying for an internship/ volunteering project does not legally entitle the student to an internship place. Should we be unable to offer an internship or volunteering project, we will reimburse the full amount. If the student does not take up the internship/ volunteering opportunity offered by us, in his/her field, no reimbursement will be made.

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Spanish Language Courses in Heredia Costa RicaOur courses and levels are in full compliance with the European Curriculum and North American University credit transfer requirements, so that the successful completion of our courses can be accredited by your home university.

We offer mini-group, individual and specialized Spanish language courses of different intensity and duration. All our Spanish Language programs and courses are tailored to each students' needs. New courses start on any Monday of the year.

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