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Our Spanish program is flexible enough to allow it to be tailored to each student's needs. This means optimal learning success. On all Mondays of the year you can begin any of our programs. On arrival you will be tested so that the best possible program is chosen for you.

All our courses are optimally tailored to your level of Spanish. At the start of your course you will be tested, so that the teacher can place you in a suitable group or determine the best level to start your individual lessons from. You will thus be studying with students who are at the same level as you. Should you "drift" ahead or behind of the other students in your group, you can ask to be transferred to a different group at any time. You can choose your preferred starting level and speed of instruction, depending on how much time and effort you are prepared to put into "your" Spanish. Remember that you don't just learn Spanish in our School, but also at home with your host family or during leisure activities, shopping, etc. Our School thus allows you to choose your style of learning.

Spanish Language Courses in Heredia Costa RicaYou can vary both the types of classes (one-on-one, mini group, specialised) and the intensity (20 hours or 30 hours per week). You could for example take 3 weeks of intensive small group classes followed by 2 weeks of standard one-on-one classes.

Most of our students are aged between 18 and 35, but there is no upper age limit. You can learn a language at any age, as some of our "older" students have shown. Participants come from all over the world.

Our lessons are 60 minutes in length. The minimum duration of a course is two weeks. The typical length chosen by past students is between 3-8 weeks, although longer stays are not uncommon. You can select from the following language courses:

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