Heredia Activities

Spanish Language Courses in Heredia Costa RicaEvery week, the school offers a comprehensive recreational program. You can learn more about Heredia, San José and Costa Rica during dance classes, city tours, cooking classes, and fiestas. The school also organizes interesting excursions around Costa Rica, for example to Tortugero, Pacific coast and vulcanos.

The following activities are offered regularly (selection):

  • Dance classes - Together with our dance instructor, students will discover Latin American rhythm (salsa and merengue, for example) and immerse themselves in the Latin American termperament. In the break during the two hour dance course, a typical cocktail will be prepared and sampled jointly with the teacher.

  • City tour - On the first day of classes, all "new" students go on a tour of the city together. The most important aspects of daily life in their respective course location will be shown (how to use the local bus, how to withdraw money from the bank, shopping locations, and internet cafés, among others), so that they can find their way around from the first day on.

  • Lectures - At our panel lectures, lessons and documentaries on historical and current topics of Latin America will help students learn more about the country, culture, and history of their course location. The lectures' themes and vocabulary will be prepared accordingly in class lessons, depending on the proficiency level of the students.

  • Cooking classes - Our students participate with the instructor in cooking and enjoying the culinary specialties of the country.

  • Fiestas - At least once per month our students enjoy a typical Latin American celebration at school, including traditional food, cocktails, and dancing.

  • Visit of a museum - Learn more about the culture of Costa Rica and Central America at these fascinating parks.

  • Movie nights - Enjoy a relaxing movie with other students near the school.

The following excursions are offered regularly (selection):

  • Spanish Language Courses in Heredia Costa RicaVolcano Arenal - This weekend excursion takes us to the active Arenal Volcano. For more than 10 years, the Arenal Volcano has been active every day. In the evening, we make a trip to the volcano, where you can see glowing, red lava and even eruptions from close proximity but a safe distance away. This is a breathtaking natural spectacle that will surely stay in your memory for the rest of your life. Later, we round off the excursion with a visit to a hot spring. The next morning we journey to Arenal Lagoon and a hanging garden in the rainforest. The return trip to Heredia is later that afternoon.

  • Rafting - Another early morning trip, this excursion heads in the direction of the Carribean coast. In the Braulio Carillo National Park we turn towards the Rio Pacuare, famous for its rapids. Here we'll embark on our boat trip full of anticipation for the class 3 and 4 rapids. After two and a half hours on the water it will be time for a substantial lunch of tacos and fruits. The excitement continues with another 2 hours in the boats before we arrive at our goal destination in the afternoon. From here, after a long and breathtaking adventure, we make our trip back to Heredia.

  • Spanish Language Courses in Heredia Costa RicaCanopying - This excursion begins as we head off from Heredia in the afternoon once classes have ended. Canopyping is your chance to play "Cliffhanger" as you fly through the treetops and over rivers on harnesses attached to ropes. You'll observe various monkeys and birds while you savor the surrounding nature and adrenalin of the experience at the same time.

  • Tortuguero (National park) - On this weekend you will marvel at the Tortuguero National Park. This unique national park is found in northern Costa Rica on the coast of the Carribean. We begin with a bus drive from Santo Domingo through the Braulio Carillo National Park, followed by a two hour boat trip to Tortuguero. While on the boat trip, you can see the beautiful fauna of Costa Rica, including monkeys, turtles, caimans, tucans, parrots, and several other types of birds. From a distance you can witness the nesting areas of giant turtles as they lay their eggs during the months of September and October in Tortuguero. The next morning we make a canoe trip, on which participants can observe animals like monkeys, frogs, and caimans up close. In the afternoon, students make the return boat and bus trips back to Heredia.

  • Spanish Language Courses in Heredia Costa RicaAerial Tram - From Heredia we drive again toward Braulio Carillo National Park. There we will begin a guided hike through the national park, learning about the various trees, plants, and animals. Subsequently traverse the park in a gondola that even rises to a height above the tree level. From here you have an indescribable view of the national park.

  • Volcano Poas - This excursion begins bright and early in the morning with a trip to Alajuela before going up to Poas Volcano. After a short walk by foot, you can marvel at the 300 meter wide and 1300 meter long crater; this volcano is also still active. Here you can gaze at geysers spurting from numerous crevices. We will also survey the enclosed lagoon next to the volcano's crater. On the return trip to Heredia we will make a visit to the natural spectacle of the La Paz Waterfalls.

  • Manuel Antonio National Park - this park qualifies as one of the most beautiful parks in the world. It is located on the Pacific coast and includes several absolutely gorgeous beaches. Only about four hours from San José, the numerous monkeys here romp about on the palm trees and in the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Corcovado National park - this national park contains the most diverse assortment of animals in Costa Rica. With a little luck you'll be able to observe various monkeys, crocodiles, turtles, tapirs, and jaguars.

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