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Our international Spanish Language school in Colombia lies in the beautiful city of Medellin, which is the second largest city in Colombia. We combine a great mix of students from around the globe, highly qualified teachers in a modern school building.

Our Spanish language programs are flexible enough to allow it to be tailored to each student's needs. This means optimal learning success. We offer Spanish group courses, Spanish plus Tourism, Spanish plus Dance, and Spanish plus Cooking. On all Mondays of the year you can begin any of these programs. On arrival you will take a placement test so that the best possible program is chosen for you.

Spanish Language Courses in Medellin ColombiaMedellín has become a destination for national and international tourism. December is one of the best times to visit Medellín. The city is adorned with thousand of colorful lights and designs that attract national and international visitors.

Medellín is also a city of museums, sculptures, and popular festivals such as the Feria de las Flores (Flower Festival), Desfile de Mitos y Leyendas (Myths and Legends Parade), International Festival of Poetry, the Feria Taurina (Bull Festival), and many others. There are also concerts, theatre, opera, parks, tourist areas and a very busy nightlife with the traditional rumba.

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