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Intensive Chinese courses at the Mandarin Chinese language school are suitable for those who work or study in China to learn Chinese systematically. The interesting content is designed with the theme of life and work of foreigners in China. Through class teaching, students will master the overall knowledge of Chinese phonetic, grammar and vocabulary,improve their abilities including speaking, listening, reading and writing step by step, also develop daily communication ability.

Upon completion of this course, students should have command of about 3,300 new words, the ability of conducting daily communication, reading essays as well as representing their views using complex sentences.

The text includes 3 volumes, 100 lessons in total:

  • 1-10 - lessons focus on basic Chinese phonetic
  • 11-60 - lessons focus on the basic Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary which have special grammatical function
  • 61-100 - lessons focus on complex grammar,social-culture and professional words. Develop the ability of expressing their own attitude completely

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