Business Chinese

The course is most popular among executives and professionals but also suitable for students who want to pursue a business career that relates to China. Classes focus on the four main language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in business environment, combined with aspects of business etiquette and practice in China. Classes usually take place Monday to Friday in the morning, although in high season they make take place in the afternoon.

Schedule: 20 Chinese lessons per week (Mon-Fri, from 8:30 am)

  • Minimum length: 2 weeks
  • Requirement: minimum age 16
  • Lesson Lengths: 50 minutes
  • Level: total beginner to advanced
  • Group Size: 6 to 10

Also available: Individual course
Teaching content would be personalized specifically to students' business and professional needs. Students get to study Chinese at own pace and preferred time.

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