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Shanghai Language Courses

The school organize various academic and cultural activities to fully integrate language learning with culture exploration. The fun of learning is maximized through participating in our activities and excursions guided by our experienced and helpful staff.

There are various types of activities which can either be academic, such as a writing workshop, Chinese culture lecture or cultural such as:

  • Shanghai Shenhua Soccer Game
  • Visits to Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Art gallery, Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
  • Movie Night
  • Ice Skating in New World
  • Former French Concession Walking Tour
  • Live Jazz in Xintiandi
  • Theater Performances
  • Concerts, Opera
  • Shanghai Aquarium
  • Exploring Chongming Island
  • Huangpu River Boat Ride
  • Excurtions to outskirts of Shanghai
  • Rodeo Grill
  • Formula 1 Grand Prix, Tennis masters-cup, Motor GP
  • Calligraphy, mahjong , Chinese Painting, Kung fu, Chinese Cuisine

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