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Our Chinese Language school in Qingdao is a School of Chinese dedicated to foreign students willing to learn the Chinese language and to fully live the most typical aspects of the Chinese culture. Our school operates since 1953 and is located in Qingdao, China. Qingdao is located in Shandong Peninsular, bordering the Yellow Sea on the east and south. Korea and Japan lie just to the east across the Yellow Sea. Famous for its beaches as well as its beer, Qingdao is surrounded by the sea on three sides and boasts 730km of unbroken coastline.

Our Chinese language programs are flexible enough to allow it to be tailored to each student's needs. This means optimal learning success. We offer Chinese short-term courses and Chinese long-term courses. On arrival you will take a placement test so that the best possible program is chosen for you.

Our teachers are highly qualified, selected among the most prominent graduated profiles and with an international experience, whilst our method of teaching is the result of years of practice and improvements.

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