Chinese Junior Summer Camp

Chinese Junior Summer Camp integrates education and having fun. We provide the students with interesting curriculum and outdoor activities. We aim to raise students' interest in learning mandarin and enhance their efficiency of learning through better activities. The students will enjoy traditional Chinese culture including Chinese painting, Chinese songs and Chinese snacks etc.

Age: Students over 15 years old from all over the world. Eight different courses (3 beginner, 3 intermediate and 2 advanced levels) are available. The class will be arranged based on student age and their current Chinese knowledge after the test, which will be done the weekend before the camp starting. For enrollment, a legal visa and health certificate needed.

Class size: Maximum 10.

More interactive, more attention obtained and  more opportunities to speak the language.

*Specific schedule could be designed for individuals or organizations with more than 3 people.


  • Classes run Monday to Friday
  • Morning: 9:30 - 12:30
  • Afternoon: 13:30 - 16:00

The students can choose either morning or afternoon course or both. All-day camp is also available. Mandarin courses in the morning and cultural course and activities such as Chinese history, geography, customs and hand making etc in the afternoon. Once a week, downtown trips to Beijing's major attractions such as Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower, Yu Yuan Garden, Old City God's Temple (Market) and Shanghai Museum. Once a week sightseeing during the weekend to satellite cities around Shanghai, Zhouzhuang, Suzhou, Xitang and Hangzhou will be arranged.

Mandarin Chinese Language Courses in Beijing, Cnina: Course Guide.

Beijing Language Courses As an officially approved professional Mandarin Chinese Language training school, we provide various levels of Mandarin programs catering for different participants with different objectives, either for individual or company Chinese Language training. Our strict quality system tracks throughout the whole process of training in order to ensure your time here is enjoyable and productive. Participants' satisfaction is guaranteed.

We offer over 15 types of Chinese language courses at 8 different levels to accommodate the diverse goals of our students.

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