Professional Chinese Courses

We offer Mandarin Chinese Language courses for professionals. If you want to study with a focus a specific industry, such as finance, manufacturing, research and development, etc, we will customize the vocabulary and content of the text as per your specific requirements. These highly customized courses are normally arranged with a private tutor.

At our Mandarin Chinese Language school we also have our own characteristic training method specializing in corporate training, satisfying the growing needs of numerous enterprises. Since our foundation, we have provided many world-renowned multinationals and individuals with our successful Mandarin training programs relying on our professional, efficient and friendly service. Our practical, novel and highly efficient training mode and high quality service have received lots of praise from our students.

To date, we have worked with companies such as Dow, Standard Chartered, Whirlpool, Intel, Bosch, Ford Motor, Savills and many more.  We are proud to continue providing our corporate clients with our services.

Courses: our school provides language programs that enable students to achieve their professional communication goals. Chinese courses are offered in conversation and business.

Materials of Instruction: Textbooks used for classes will be determined after the language proficiency test is given. They can be purchased through our school.

Timetable: Classes are offered for individuals and groups. We can offer a flexible timetable, as we try to work within your busy schedules class times can also be changed upon request. Class can be taken at business locations, private homes or our campuses.

Final report and Certificate: Upon completion of a course, the teacher will give students a final evaluation and certificate of completion.

Length of the instruction: To complete ONE standard course, roughly 50 hours are needed; please arrange your training length within this time.

Rate of Training: We will fix the final price according to each specific condition and requirement. Cooperate discount will be offered.

Mandarin Chinese Language Courses in Beijing, Cnina: Course Guide.

Beijing Language Courses As an officially approved professional Mandarin Chinese Language training school, we provide various levels of Mandarin programs catering for different participants with different objectives, either for individual or company Chinese Language training. Our strict quality system tracks throughout the whole process of training in order to ensure your time here is enjoyable and productive. Participants' satisfaction is guaranteed.

We offer over 15 types of Chinese language courses at 8 different levels to accommodate the diverse goals of our students.

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