Chinese Culture Courses

The Chinese culture courses are group or individual classes focusing on specific aspects of traditional Chinese culture, such as wash painting, calligraphy, mahjong, and Tai Chi.

Chinese Tea Ceremony Course: The course is designed to introduce the various types of Chinese teas, use of the tea set & implements and proper storage of tea leaves. You will learn various methods to make green tea, oolong tea, red tea and Pu er tea, as well as traditional tea culture.

Chinese Cooking Course: We will teach you to make one Chinese snack and one main dish each lesson. Past lessons have included items such as spring roll, wonton, rice dumpling and steamed dumpling; mapo tofu (spicy bean curd with shredded pork), tangcu paigu (sweet and sour pork ribs), yuxiang rousi (pork strips in spicy sweet and sour sauce), qiezhi guiyu (Mandarin fish in tomato sauce) and hongshao shizitou (braised pork meatballs), and more. We supply all the ingredients and cookware, you just need to bring your appetite and desire to learn.

Handicraft Course: Each class spotlights a traditional Chinese handicraft such as kites, candy dolls, Chinese knots, embroidery, bead strings, paper-cuttings, clay sculptures, etc. iMandarin will provide all necessary materials and tools.

Cross-Culture Courses

China's long and illustrious history has seen many changes. Coupled with natural boundaries that make it the 4th largest nation by landmass and the largest by population has given rise to a varied and multi-faceted culture. Although China is now pushing for complete modernization there still exists many ancient roots to modern customs and behavior in Chinese society, often unfathomable to the outside observer. Therefore, it is unrealistic to expect that a foreign visitor coming to China could immediately understand, much less adjust to, these customs, which often cause friction with their own experiences. If you have recently arrived and even for those who have been here a while the transition into Chinese life is not always smooth.

In order to help you understand more about China and her people, culture and customs, we offer acculturation courses so that you can integrate into Chinese people's lives and improve your quality of life in China.

This course will benefit managers, executives and business professionals who seek to better understand the impact of culture on business and communication. Highly beneficial for those who seek to understand the Chinese psyche and how it influences Chinese Business Systems & Styles. Essential Knowledge for Negotiators.

Our training is based on the unique 5 C's model of cross-cultural understanding, which offers a framework to help you rapidly come to grips with any culture you deal with. Culture is about different ways of doing business. Our training gives you the key to what those differences are and the detailed information you need to achieve success.

Mandarin Chinese Language Courses in Beijing, Cnina: Course Guide.

Beijing Language Courses As an officially approved professional Mandarin Chinese Language training school, we provide various levels of Mandarin programs catering for different participants with different objectives, either for individual or company Chinese Language training. Our strict quality system tracks throughout the whole process of training in order to ensure your time here is enjoyable and productive. Participants' satisfaction is guaranteed.

We offer over 15 types of Chinese language courses at 8 different levels to accommodate the diverse goals of our students.

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