Business Chinese Language Courses in Beijing, China

Our school has all levels of Business Chinese language courses, ranging from absolute beginner up to improving your ability to read economic and industry periodicals. The beginner class concentrates on business Chinese language as well as workplace culture. In particular, the course emphasizes learning business Chinese for commercial activities and social skills. Introductions to Chinese society, culture, customs and commercial background knowledge will help you with a basic understanding of the general market situation in China.

Advanced courses are designed by you with input from your instructor to build and improve your abilities in areas such as negotiations, newspaper and report reading, interviewing, hiring, & other management skills, employee/employer relations, team-building, and public speaking. Business Chinese is conducted in group discussions whenever possible to help students deepen their understanding and exchange ideas on these topics.

Preliminary Business Chinese

The course is designed for business people who know little or no Chinese to begin with, but is designed so that they can learn practical and basic Chinese knowledge and skills in the business world, also allowing for busy schedules with lessons available in the off hours. In this course, communication skills will be taught as follows:

  • Ability to use appropriate expressions during social and business functions such as of initial contact, greeting, introduction, apology and congratulations.
  • Ability to use appropriate expressions for shopping, traveling, telephoning and making appointments.
  • Ability to use appropriate expressions for commercial activities such as giving a brief account of a company and its products, giving comment or statement.
  • Ability to use appropriate expressions in consulting, negotiation, bargaining, writing or revising a plan, discussing a way to cooperate, making a comment on a subject in addition to analyzing and sorting out problems.

Furthermore, we systematically improve your knowledge of Chinese culture, custom, social status, as well as business customs and culture. Upon completion of the course, you should have a command of about 1,200 new words and 200 sentence patterns, and the ability to conduct basic discussions with Chinese business persons.

Intermediate Business Chinese

The course is designed for students who have completed beginner or pre-intermediate level. The contents are comprised of company organization, equipment, arranging schedules, meetings, presentation of work plans, discussing business development, advertisement, complaints and explanations, hiring and firing employees, training, enterprise culture, and business letters, etc. upon the completion of the course, you should have command of about 1,600 new words, and the ability to deal with daily work with fluent Chinese and arranging business activities without too much difficulty.

Advanced Business Chinese

The course is designed for students who have passed intermediate level and can recognize Chinese characters. During the class, the tutor will conduct group discussion on some hot and sensitive topics covering contemporary China and the world's economic situation, such as, "savings and consumption", "exhibition industry", "marketing strategy", "rising sun industry", "economic and social development", which involves students with an emphasis on real world case studies to learn concrete business terms and phrases. Additionally, you will acquire a deeper understanding of Chinese society, economy and people's lives. Upon completion of the course, you should have command of about 1,000 new words, with great improvement in the reading and comprehension of economic and market reports.

Mandarin Chinese Language Courses in Beijing, Cnina: Course Guide.

Beijing Language Courses As an officially approved professional Mandarin Chinese Language training school, we provide various levels of Mandarin programs catering for different participants with different objectives, either for individual or company Chinese Language training. Our strict quality system tracks throughout the whole process of training in order to ensure your time here is enjoyable and productive. Participants' satisfaction is guaranteed.

We offer over 15 types of Chinese language courses at 8 different levels to accommodate the diverse goals of our students.

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