Accomodation Options in Beijing

Our school in Beijing can arrange modern residential accommodations to make your time in Beijing more comfortable. Monthly accommodation prices range from RMB 2500 to 8000. All housing is within a 15 minute drive to campus. Requests for living accommodations must be received at least one month prior to the starting date of the course. Minimum stay is one month.


Single room apartments are available and can come with a variety of amenities.

  • Bathroom with shower
  • Kitchen with microwave and stove
  • Washing machine, fridge, water-cooler, and air-conditioning
  • Internet access and telephone available
  • Walking distance to restaurants and shops
  • Bed-set, towels, toothbrush and toothpaste, and slippers provided

Service Apartment

A serviced apartment is a type of furnished, self-contained apartment designed for short-term stays, which provides amenities for daily use. Serviced apartments can be less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms. Since the beginning of the boom in cheap international travel and the corresponding increase in the level of sophistication of international travelers, interest in serviced apartments has risen at the expense of the use of hotels for short stays.


Motel accommodations can also be arranged. Shanghai has a number of comfortable and affordable international and national chains.


We can also arrange hotel accommodations in 3-5 star hotels within walking distance to all six of our campuses. All hotels meet world-wide standards and are extremely safe and comfortable.

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