Learn Spanish in Vina del Mar, Chile

Our Spanish language school is located in Vina del Mar. Viņa del Mar neighbors the port city of Valparaiso which is famous for its cable cars, museums, typical Chilean restaurants, and graffiti which serves as a reminder of its culture in every street. Viņa del Mar and Valparaiso's residents enjoy nightlife to the fullest. You can find outdoor performances, dance classes, theater performances, carnivals, etc.

The area also boasts an excellent variety of outdoor activities such as excursions to national parks, sea sports, horseback riding, sandboarding, etc. The greatest concentration of young people can be found in these two cities due to the great number of university campuses in the area, making it a fun place to be year round.

Our school is located in the center of Viņa del Mar a few bloks from the beach, we are in a safe neighborhood that offers many activities during the day and night.

There are innumerable possibilities for going on day or weekend trips, for example to the beach or to the mountains. Vina del Mar offers fantastic holidays during all the seasons, thanks to its closeness to the nature, and the attractive location!

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