Study Abroad in Valparaiso, Chile! Semester Programs.

Semester Study Abroad program in Valparaiso are designed for international students who have completed at least four semesters of college-level Spanish. Students take courses at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV) with Chilean students, and can choose from a wide variety of courses offered by the University.

You can also choose to take only Spanish Language and Chilean culture courses. There is no restriction on your level of Spanish.

  1. First Semester (March - July)
    Academic offerings during this term corresponds to odd semesters (1st, 3rd, etc.)

  2. Second Semester (August - December)
    Academic offerings during this term corresponds to even semesters (2nd, 4th, etc.)

Courses in the Literature and History Programs have limited space. International students who's major fields of study are one of these will have priority in completing the course.

Extended Semester Programs:

  • First Semester (January - July)
    You can start your Study Abroad Program in January with participation in the January Open Spanish Language Program, have an opportunity to explore Chile and meet people in February (independent travel) and enroll in the academic courses program of your choice March through July.

  • Second Semester (May - December of June - December)
    You can start with Summer I and/or Summer II Spanish Language programs to improve your Spanish language skills and enroll in the academic courses program of your choice August through December.

Students can also attend Spanish language and Chilean culture courses with other international students. The following courses are given in 3 levels of language proficiency: beginners, intermediate, advanced:

  • Intensive Spanish Speaking and Culture course (90 Hours, 6 credits)
    This course emphasizes oral and written communication through learning about Chilean culture in texts and oral presentations. The purpose of the class is to improve the intercultural ability of the student.

  • Writing Spanish course (60 Hours, 3 credits)
    This course is designed to reinforce Spanish writing skills, especially essay composition for the academic setting, in students who already have a strong command of the Spanish language.

  • Ortophony and Pronunciation (60 Hours, 2 credits)
    This course is designed to improve the Spanish Pronunciation.

  • Grammar Course for Foreigners (60 Hours, 4 credits)
    This course emphasizes the morphological aspects of Spanish grammar, reinforcing them through reading and writing assignments and analyzed in communicative contexts. The student will be able to improve the grammatical competence of Spanish as a second language.

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What is included in Semester Study Abroad Programs.

The following benefits are available to international students, regardless of whether enrollment is a year long or for one semester :

  • Regular classes at PUCV: International students can enroll in nearly all of the regular classes or courses the University has to offer. According to their preferences and knowledge of Spanish, students will have a wide variety to choose from.

  • Spanish as a Second Language courses.

  • Sporting and recreational activities.

  • Extracurricular workshops.

  • Basic medical and dental services.

  • Access to the Internet.

  • Activities and excursions.

  • Host family accommodations. Independent housing is also available.

  • Airport transfer.

Each semester students will also have a weeklong orientation prior to the beginning of the semester. During the orientation process PUCV students will be given useful information about the most advisable classes to take, plus useful tips about the University and the city in general.

Conversation Partner Sessions: Lots of interest has been demonstrated for the "Conversation Partner" sessions. This system allows international students to meet Chilean classmates and talk for half an hour in Spanish, and half an hour in their native language. International students first heard about this during orientation week and were excited and willing to participate. On the other hand, Chilean students at PUCV had trouble making a "reservation" for these language exchange sessions, since there were not enough international students for the large group of Chileans who wanted to practice their second languaje. This is not only a language exchange, but also a cultural one.

Volunteering: For four years the University has been working with private and governmental institutions along with students providing community services in the region. The experience has been very rewarding for both the community and the international students. Click here to learn more about Community Services.

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