Study Abroad in Valparaiso, Chile! Volunteering. Community Service.

For four years we have been working with private and governmental institutions along with students providing community services in the region. The experience has been very rewarding for both the community and international students.

  • Education Affairs - English opens doors
    This is a government program that started three semesters ago and works with public schools in Viña del Mar and Valparaíso. This program helps to support the teacher in the classroom. A foreign student is integrated into the classroom, assisting the English teacher and helping motivate the students to learn a second language.

  • Nacional Institute of Youth - INJUV
    This is a center that helps public school students. They assist high risk and slow learners in their homework to achieve better grades and a sense of accomplishment. This program offers workshops to Chilean students with the purpose of teaching them the importance of education. Foreign students can also offer language classes in English, German and French. In addition, they can teach computer, music, dance, and international cooking. This program helps create an intercultural bond between Chileans and foreigners.

  • TAC
    This community center works with children from schools located in Valparaiso. The center is located in Cordillera hill. Professionals and students volunteer to participate in different academic and social activities as well as workshops. They organize workshops for children. This is the first time PUCV participates.

  • Poetry in the hospital
    Students from the school of Medicine go to the hospital once a week. They visit and read poetry to the patients. patients can be adults, adolescents or children, even some who are terminally ill. Foreign students will partcipate with them.

  • A roof for Chile
    The main purpose of this organization is to build houses for families that live in slums. Private companies donate money and volunteers give their time and donate their skills to help in the construction of new homes. There is also a capaign to obtain funds. Foreign and Chilean students have participated since 2003.

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