Spanish for Executives and Professionals in Santiago, Chile. Methodology.

Santiago Language Courses Santiago Plus modern, conversational approach to language instruction makes our Spanish classes enjoyable and effective.

With our conversational method of language training, you may be surprised at how quickly you learn to speak Spanish. Our methodology is designed to make you comfortable using the new language in practical, everyday situations, such as traveling, meeting people, using the telephone, conducting business, and participating in conversations. Thanks to our communicative and dynamic approach, you will find yourself speaking Spanish from the first day of class.

In addition to our effective methodology, our quality teachers consistently receive rave reviews. Santiago Plus Spanish instructors are native speakers, have university degrees and have received extensive training in how to teach a foreign language. Most importantly, you'll find our instructors not only qualified, but also friendly, patient, enthusiastic, energetic and always available for questions and guidance.

This combination of a highly effective methodology and qualified, dedicated teachers means that whatever program you choose and at whatever level you begin your course, you will be guaranteed to improve as quickly as possible.

Basic principles of our methodology:

These are some of the basic principles of our methodology of teaching Spanish to speakers of other languages:

  • No Translation in Class - We use the direct method of language instruction, which means that the student and the teacher speak only in the language being learned. There is never any translation in the classroom and this makes you talk and think in Spanish. Students are always amazed at how quickly and easily they learn with this method!

  • Teacher Rotation - The people you speak with every day all have different accents, voices, pronunciation, and vocabulary; therefore, it is important that you not become accustomed to just one teacher. We rotate teachers in class, exposing you to many types of speakers and ensuring that you understand the language in a variety of situations. Teacher rotation also keeps class fresh and interesting.

  • Emphasis on Communication - Our methodology focuses on speaking and listening. Grammar, reading, and writing are all included, but we teach it through a very practical approach without being tedious, boring, or repetitive. You will speak the language, not analyze it. We believe that the key to learning a new language is communication.

  • Materials & Homework - Study materials such as textbooks and workbooks are included in your program. Additionally, you may be assigned a small amount of homework. This will give you the opportunity to continue your language learning outside the classroom and to supplement your conversational instruction with some reading and writing.

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