Spanish for Executives and Professionals in Santiago, Chile. Spanish Immersion.

Santiago Plus Spanish Language School offers Spanish language immersion courses to meet the needs, expectations, and budgets of each of our executive students.

Private 4 course - 20 lessons per week

Private lessons are a very effective way to learn a foreign language. The one-on-one approach allows you to learn at your own pace as well as focus on your individual language needs. In a private class, you can concentrate on certain grammar points or on specific vocabulary that you may need. Private 4 consists of four hours per day of private lessons.

Private 6 course - 30 lessons per week

The Private 6 Course takes the same approach as Private 4, but increases class time to six hours per day of private lessons.

Immersion course - 40 lessons per week

Santiago Language Courses Immersion is the most intensive and effective course we offer. It consists of eight hours per day of private lessons, which includes lunch with your teacher. For years, Immersion has been our most popular program with executives and professionals who want to learn a lot in a short period of time. With an Immersion Course, you can super charge your language training, learning in weeks what would normally take a year or more.

Here's a sample of a typical day of immersion program:

9:30 - 11:00: A quick review of what you learned the previous day and then role-play a real-life situation in the language you are learning, based on a scene from one of the School's in-class video laserdiscs.

11:00 - 12:30: Practice new vocabulary and verb tenses through conversation and entertaining exercises.

12:30 - 14:00: Time for lunch at a nearby restaurant with your instructor, all in the foreign language.

14:00 - 15:30: No, it's not time for a nap! Grab a cup of coffee and let's see a segment in DVD/video laserdisc format. Learn new vocabulary and discuss the cultural differences between your countries, which are depicted in the film.

15:30 - 17:00: A review of new material learned this morning, and from yesterday's classes. As an option you may elect to take a short excursion with your teacher to practice what you have been learning, but in real life situations.

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Additional Executive Course Options:

  • Live & Learn
    Santiago Language CoursesAny number of hours can be added to any of the above courses. This program is effective and enjoyable! It is not an entire course in itself, rather an addition to any course. "Live and Learn" are 2-hour classes outside of the classroom where you will visit local points of interest, accompanied by your own private instructor, and practice your new language outside the classroom. Whether it's ordering a meal, buying tickets to a show, or asking about an animal in the zoo, this is a fun and practical application of language learning that will really make you feel like part of the community!

  • Combine Cities
    Want to study abroad, but can't decide on only one location? Now you don't have to! Another exciting program option is to start your course in one city and continue it in another, making the most of your trip abroad. For example, you could start by taking one or two weeks of Executive Spanish in Santiago, Chile, followed by another one or two weeks in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This option would allow you to enjoy the natural wonders of Chile and then experience the unique culture of Argentina. By spending time in more than one city, you get to know the sites, people, and cultures of different locations.

  • Special Programs
    In addition to our Executive Spanish language courses, we also offer Special Programs in areas of interest such as culture, ecotourism, skiing and more. Special Programs are taught in Spanish with two goals in mind: to improve your language ability and to help you learn more about your particular area of interest. For more information, please see our Special Programs page.

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