English for Secretaries - Sample Outline

Areas of focus in this course include telephone communication, meeting and event organising, note taking, email, fax and letter writing, customer relations and topic areas essential for the day-to-day inter-company communication where English is the common language.

English for Secretaries is offered as one-to-one private Platinum English language Course for Professionals. You can choose a private Platinum course with 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 one-to-one lessons a week. This course can be combined with mini-group General English and/or Business English Platinum courses. In this case, we recommend a combined Platinum Plus course. You will learn General and/or Business English in mini-group with other executives and professionals and English for Secretaries in private classes (you can choose 1, 2 or 3 one-to-one lessons a day in addition to the group Platininum classes). English for Secretaries is also available as a closed mini-group course for 3 to 5 students arriving together.

Lesson Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00- 10:50 Skill: Speaking / Listening
Professional profiles.
Language assessment.
Grammar review.
Fine-tune course content
Input: Vocabulary
Skill: Speaking
Welcoming & Entertaining
Clients. Hosting visits.
Identifying client needs.
Formal language. Style and register.
Telephone Language &
Skills. Speaking / Listening
Filtering incoming calls
Transferring calls
Diverting / Blocking unwanted calls
Apologising, making excuses, taking messages
Skill: Speaking
Dealing with difficult clients
Giving/ asking for opinions.
Turn-taking & interrupting.
Summarising & concluding.
Topic Lesson
Input: Vocabulary
Speaking / Listening / Writing
Multi Tasking:
Conference Organising.
Making travel arrangements
Dealing with Participants
Organising technical support
11:10- 12:00 Topic Lesson
Input: Vocabulary
Reading / Speaking
Managing Several Bosses
Input: Grammar
Interrogative forms
Reported speech
Videoed Simulation: Difficult phone calls
Authentic phone call practice.
Grammar review:
1st & 2nd Conditionals
Modal verbs
Making recommen - dations
Discussing cause and effect
Dealing with a crisis
Enlisting colleague assistance.
(Videoed Simulation)
12:10- 13:00 Skill: Speaking
Fluency practice, feedback and remedial work on grammar and pronunciation
Handling the visiting client.
Reporting back.
Performance, error analysis and group feedback.
Remedial Pronunciation
Skill: Writing
Business correspondence
Writing emails, from draft to corrected.
Responding to replies
Oral and written consolidation of week's vocabulary, function and grammar. Group Lunch


13:50- 14:40 Skill: Listening & Speaking.
Diary Making arrangements
Telephone messages
Skill: Listening & Writing
Minutes of the meeting.
From note to text
Input: Vocabulary
Skill: Speaking
Cross-cultural awareness
Taboos and good practice
Skill: Speaking & Listening
Corporate Entertaining
Welcoming, Small talk, Introductions, Looking after guests. Saying goodbye
Group viewing and discussion on performance.
Error analysis and oral feedback.
14:55- 15:45 Skill: Speaking
Cancelling, rescheduling and confirming
Writing reports
Editing: Rough draft, proofreading, corrections
Learner training: Using a mono-lingual dictionary, vocabulary files, storage and retrieval Videoed Role play of above
Error analysis and feedback
Platinum Farewell Party:
Authentic Social English Practice

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