English for Journalism - Sample Timetable

This course focuses on the language needed for research, interviewing and writing skills.

English for Journalism is offered as one-to-one private Platinum English language Course for Professionals. You can choose a private Platinum course with 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 one-to-one lessons a week. This course can be combined with mini-group General English and/or Business English Platinum courses. In this case, we recommend a combined Platinum Plus course. You will learn General and/or Business English in mini-group with other executives and professionals and English for Journalism in private classes (you can choose 1, 2 or 3 one-to-one lessons a day in addition to the group Platininum classes). English for Journalism is also available as a closed mini-group course for 3 to 5 students arriving together.

Lesson Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 & 2 Skill: Speaking / Listening
Client introductions.
Professional profiles.
Language assessment.
Grammar review.
Fine-tune course content
Input: Language of Interviewing: Formal arrangements
Skill: Speaking / Listening
Strategies for interrupting,
holding the floor, pressing
for further information,
directing and focusing the interview.
Topic: Press Conferences
Input: Vocabulary
Skill: Speaking
Getting attention & maintaining contact
Asking for clarification and confirmation.
Topic lesson:
Skill: Speaking / Listening
Building up contacts
Telephone Interviews v.
Face-to-face Interviews
Group Video Day
Input: Vocabulary
Skill: Speaking & Writing
Feature writing: Preparing a brief to finished article.
3 Topic Lesson
Input: Vocabulary
Skill: Speaking
Oral feedback
Input: Grammar
Question forms -
Question styles -
Reported Speech
Being direct v. being discreet
Input: Language of Interviewing: Impromptu situations.
Remedial pronunciation work.
Input: Grammar
The Passive Voice
Speaking: Maintaining a neutral position
Pronunciation remedial work
Writing up, Sub-editing and Preparing for publication
4 Skill: Speaking
Fluency practice, feedback and remedial work on grammar and pronunciation
Formal Interviews:
Videoed Role play
Oral feedback
Handling questions from group
Out of class project:
Videoed Live Street Interviews on chosen topic
Skill: Speaking
News gathering and follow-up
The Editorial Conference
Oral feedback
Group (videoed) TV Presentation of week's and morning's work.


5 Skill: Listening & Writing: Note-taking TV News Documentary Learner training: Using a mono-lingual dictionary, vocabulary files, storage and retrieval Skill: Speaking
Reporting back on findings from street interviews.
Skill: Speaking and Writing
Telephone Interview
Note-taking and write-up.
Skill: Speaking
Group viewing of videoed presentations.
6 Skill: Speaking
Summarising information, Hypothesising & Offering opinions
Skill: Listening & Writing
Interpreting information and sub-messages.
Written follow-up
Skill: Writing
Note-taking to Text
Editing skills
Abbreviations & spell-check
Professional visit to BBC, Chartered Institute of Journalists or similar.
Social English practice
Group discussion on performance.
Error analysis and oral feedback

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