English language courses in Montreal, Canada

French Intensive Courses with 24 lessons per week

This Intensive French class is communicative based with an emphasis on developing speaking and listening skills. Our Comprehensive French class is designed to help ESL students improve both spoken and written French. With six levels of study, this course features a comprehensive curriculum of integrated skills - grammar, vocabulary & idioms, speaking & listening, and reading & writing.

You can study French with our professional, experienced and attentive instructors who guide students towards fluency with creative and helpful learning activities. With 14 or less students in the classes, students have plenty of opportunity both to practice their French and meet interesting new friends from around the world.

There are six different levels of study, from beginner through advanced. A placement test helps us find the best class level for each student. At the end of each four-week session, each student will receive a written evaluation and have a one-on-one with one of their teachers. This is how we help you monitor your progress. After each three month semester, students receive a report card, and students receive a certificate when they finish their course.

Our Comprehensive French Classes meet five days per week, starting from 9:00 am for a total of 24 educational hours each week. Students work with two different teachers (one for the morning class and one for the afternoon class) and the most up-to-date, effective textbooks and materials available.

During the morning session, students study four French skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening - through a  "Communicative Language Teaching" methodology. New grammar patterns are learned in the context of a conversation or a real-life situation. Students also use various activities to practice English conversation including listening tasks, role plays, and discussions. Practical reading and writing tasks and vocabulary studies are presented as well in our 6 available levels.

During the afternoon session, students will cover a variety of topics while practicing French conversation management, North American conversational styles, and pronunciation. Students learn commonly-used idioms and slang in a communicative way. Teachers also use various activities to practice these new idioms including listening tasks, role play, and discussion.

French Class Features:

  • Creative learning activities
  • Four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Small classes; Maximum of 14 students per class
  • Professional, experienced, attentive instructors

French Super Intensive Courses with 31 lessons per week

Our French Language school in Montreal offers an Super Intensive English program for those students wishing to study even more seriously. During the morning and the afternoon the students will joint the full time CEP or CFP program and after 16:00 they will join an elective course available at that time, such as Business French program, writing, pronunciation or others.

The Elective courses that you can choose are:

  • Business English courses
    The Business French course is designed to prepare students to use French in a present or future work situation.

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