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Montreal, Canada's second-largest city, is found on an island in the St. Lawrence River, in the province of Quebec, in the eastern part of Canada. The city is conveniently located 190 km from Ottawa, the federal capital, 275 km from Quebec City, the provincial capital, 407 km from Boston, 550 km from Toronto, Canada's largest city, and 625 km from New York.

The English and French Language school in Montreal is located in a modern building in downtown Montreal. The area where the school is located of Sherbrooke Street is called "The Golden Mile", rich in historical buildings and upscale residences. School's immediate neighbors include the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Ritz Carlton Hotel, and the famous Holt Renfrew Department Store. Crescent Street is one of Montreal's main tourist attractions, filled with bars, restaurants, cafes, and galleries. The street is often closed for festivals and events such as the Formula 1 Weekend.

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