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Students are the most important part of our school. We make that each student's experience at the school and in Hamilton is fun, positive and worry-free. We want each student to tell their friends and family about their wonderful educational and cultural experience at the Enlgish Language school in Hamilton.

Hamilton Language Courses School's extracurricular activities and trips give you an opportunity to apply life skills, practice English in real situations, become acquainted with many students from other countries and familiarize yourself with the unique life and culture that Hamilton has to offer.

You are encouraged to participate in the activities which occur at least twice a week. On all school activities you are accompanied by the school staff members who act as your activity hosts.

Activities are scheduled on a weekly basis, at least twice a week, and students have the opportunity to enlist and participate accordingly. The number of participants may be limited in some activities and students should sign up early. Students are responsible for any fees related to these optional activities.


Hamilton Language CoursesWe encourage our students to volunteer while studying with us - students usually volunteer after school or on the weekends. Students usually volunteer in Senior Centres (retired Canadians), YMCA (with children), hospitals (working with patients), SPCA (working with animals) or in the business field they are interested in.

Volunteering in the local community greatly benefits students by allowing them to:

  • to speak English naturally in the "real world"
  • become more confident in their English conversation
  • make Canadian friends and meet new people
  • learn more about North American culture
  • learn and develop a new skill
  • use and practice existing skills
  • enjoy the satisfaction in making a positive difference
  • gain work references

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