English Language Programs in Calgary, Canada

Calgary Language Courses Every year, students from over 60 countries enroll into our various programs. Our curriculum is comprised of 17 different weekly themes that are repeated about three times per calendar year. Within each theme, teachers are free to explore a variety of sub-themes. The way our curriculum is designed allows teachers to incorporate a wide range of authentic material into the classroom. As a result, students acquire real language that they can use outside of the classroom. Many of the after-school activities organized by our Activities Department are planned around the weekly themes, so learning also extends outside of the classroom.

Grammar points are clearly outlined each week with some weeks being assigned to reviewing language that students struggled with. The reading, writing, listening and speaking language skills are separated into 50 minute blocks. Within each block, teachers address the sub-skills that a particular group of students need to work on. This allows students to strengthen skill areas where they need improvement, not to work on something simply because it says it in 'the book.'

English Language Courses in Calgary

English Language School in Calgary offers four different course formats which permits us to meet your individual needs, expectations and budgets.

We offer English language programs with 20, 25, 30 and 35 lessons a week (1 lesson = 50 minutes).

  1. English Program with 20 lessons a week - this is a Semi-Intensive program which offers four foundational courses that will help students to develop a strong understanding of the English language. The courses included are Grammar & Idioms, Listening & Speaking, Reading & Vocabulary and Writing & Presentation.

    Schedule: Classes are from 8.30 AM to 12.50 PM, Monday through Friday.

  2. English Program with 25 lessons a week - this Semi-Intensive Plus program provides 25 lessons per week and includes all of the core classes available in the Semi-Intensive program. In addition, students have the option of choosing an additional elective: English for Beginners, Accent Reduction, Journalism, Media and Film, Writing and Drama.

    Schedule: Classes are from 8.30 AM to 13.50 PM, Monday through Friday.

  3. English Program with 30 lessons a week - this intensive program is designed for students who want to learn at a faster pace. The program offers 30 lessons per week and includes core classes and 2 electives. In addition to electives avaialble in program with 25 lessons, students can also study English for Sport, Conversation and Pronunciation, Slang and Idioms, English Literature, Academic Writing.

    Schedule: Classes are from 8.30 AM to 14.50 PM, Monday through Friday.

  4. English Program with 35 lessons a week - this program is our most intensive program. It offers 35 lessons per week and is designed for students who want to accelerate their learning. It includes all of the classes available in the intensive program but also includes additional English classes focused on your personal needs. You will learn English at your own pace with the assistance of a qualified instructor and web-based English practice. You will create your own English program with your instructor and will focus on the language skills and topics of your choice.

    This course format also includes electives with 2 lessons a day: English for Aviation, English for Air Traffic Control and English for Oil and Gas.

    Schedule: Classes are from 8.30 AM to 15.50 PM, Monday through Friday.

Click on the link below to review a brief summary of what you can expect from each course:

  • General English
    The courses included are Grammar & Idioms, Listening & Speaking, Reading & Vocabulary and Writing & Presentation.

  • Business English
    Enhance your English skills beyond the textbook and general ESL through real world business related discussions, case studies and topics. Study a variety of topics related to national and international business settings with experienced instructors in an intensive format that integrates all skills. This course is a requirement for the Professional Internship Program.

Groups and Levels

We offer an 8 level system that ensures that students are placed in programs that are appropriate for their level of English proficiency. All new students will be given an English test at the beginning of their studies to determine the exact level that is most appropriate for them. Each level takes aproximately 12 weeks to complete.

You should also be aware that the courses we offer are available at different levels. Some courses are available for all levels while others are only available for lower or higher levels. Please view the Course Availability table below to see which courses are available for which levels.

To better respond to the individual needs and abilities of our students we offer 8 different levels. Each level takes aproximately 12 weeks to complete.

The levels are:

  1. Beginner
  2. Upper beginner
  3. Pre-Intermediate
  4. Lower Intermediate
  5. Intermediate
  6. Upper Intermediate
  7. Pre-Advanced
  8. Advanced

Class Size

With a maximum of 12 students per class, classes provide a comfortable atmosphere for you to learn English. You can express yourself at your own pace, voice your ideas freely and share your thoughts, ideas and opinions confidently. Most importantly, you will have many opportunities to practice your English and become a better and more fluent English speaker.

Certificate of Completion

At the end of your program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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