Student Services in Sao Paulo, Brazil

While studying at our language school in Sao Paulo, students can take advantage of the following services:

Business Center

Business center facilities with FREE use of Internet, computer, printer and fax are at the student's disposal.

Currency Exchange

Our school in Sao Paulo is able to exchange currency for students. We can work with U.S. dollars in the form of traveler's checks, cash, and personal checks. For other currencies and monetary systems, we may be able to assist students. We will need approximately 24 hours to complete the transaction.

Travel Arrangements

Our school in Sao Paulo can verify and confirm all of the student's travel arrangements in advance as we have in our facility our own travel agency. We can also assist students in making reservations and purchasing airfare if the student wishes to travel within Brazil before, during or after have completed his language course with us.

Mail Service

We can send and receive personal mail for you.

University Credits

Our school in Sao Paulo can grant credit directly to students enrolled in an accredited university, or they can go through one of our partner programs.

To receive direct credit (which is often more economical), you need to get approval from your own institution prior to beginning your studies. At the end of your studies we will also provide, upon request, a detailed transcript of your work for you to take back to your host institution.

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