Accomodation Options

You have a choice of host family, apartment, or hotel accommodations while studying at our school in Brazil. While each one is geared toward different people, all of the options we offer are assessed and selected based on our own quality criteria and with the same aim: to offer comfort, safety, and ease of getting around to our students.

All housing options are located in residential, middle-class neighborhoods, between 3 and 10 minutes away from a metro station or bus stop. The trip between accommodation and the school is usually between 15 an 45 minutes, by public transport, depending on the location.

Homestay Accomodation

Homestays are the most frequently chosen housing option. Our school ensures that each family offers a quality living situation and respects each student's wishes as much as possible in family selection. Living with a host family allows students to experience the day-to-day life of Brazilians while practicing their Portuguese at home. No other option is more personalized or intense. For these reasons, it is ideal for younger students, those with little international travel experience, or those who simply prefer to have company with whom they can share their discoveries or exchange experiences.

Homestays may be apartments or detached houses, and are situated in a good residential area. Families selected by the school are communicative and only Portuguese is spoken. A maximum of two students with different home languages are accommodated per family.

Homestay Features:

  • Meals included: breakfast and dinner
  • Rooms: Single rooms (double rooms are available on request for two persons booking a course together).
  • Bathroom shared with the host-family.
  • Rooms are generally furnished with a bed, a desk with a reading light and a wardrobe.
  • Laundry: either at home at an extra charge or at commercial laundry services.
  • Travel distance to school: 10 to 40 minutes.

Other Accomodation Options

For other types of accommodation, reservations are made per day, and the student decides their arrival and departure dates. Options for those who prefer to live more independently include:

  • Pousadas - These are lower cost hotels, breakfast included.
  • Apartment - A more costly option, offering a bit more luxury and privacy.
  • Hotels - Each city offers a wide array of hotels in terms of price, location and style, breakfast included.

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