Volunteer Program in Sucre, Bolivia

If you have always wanted to do something for those less well off than you, without expecting anything in return, now you have the chance to do so in a Spanish-speaking country. Be a volunteer!

We will find you unpaid work in various social institutions. Minimum durration is 4 weeks. There is only one requirement for the program: that you have an adequate level of Spanish for community service. To ensure this, and to help you adapt to this new situation, it is essential that you have followed a Spanish course with us for at least 4 weeks. Throughout your period of voluntary work, the school staff will be on hand to ensure you have support and guidance. And, you can tell us how things are working out.

You will live with a family during the course. As soon as you start your voluntary work you can choose to stay with your host family or move to other accommodation

As a sign of our commitment, the school donates directly to the charitable organization when you take part in this program

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