German Language School in Vienna: Location

You will find our German Language School in the immediate vicinity of the baroque Karl's Church, next to the famous Musikverein building where the world-famous New Year's Day Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic is broadcast all over the world. In the neighbourhood is the most beautiful Hotel of Vienna - the Hotel Imperial - where kings, presidents, and even pop stars like Michael Jackson stay. A few steps away is the most splendid street in Vienna - the Vienna Ringstrasse.

German Language School in Vienna: Facilities

In our brightly furnished modern rooms, you are able to learn in a pleasant atmosphere. Also, after your lessons, you have the possibility to improve your German in our Computer lab and in our mediotheque.

The school has a capacity of 16 modern and well-equipped classrooms with audio-equipment with cassettes and CDs, overhead projectors, videorecorders, TV, slide-projectors. The school is equipped with a Mediotheque, which offers:

Computer lab

  • exercises that compliment our textbooks
  • special grammar exercises for beginners and advanced
  • exercises to improve pronunciation
  • vocabulary
  • exercises for test preparation
  • special programs, for example: telephone German (a block of 10 lessons costs 35 Euro)

Audio lab

  • cassettes that compliment our textbooks
  • comprehension exercises on all standards
  • listening, readings of German literature
  • cassette programs for pronunciation training
  • comprehension exercises for the tests of the Goethe-Institut and of the ÖSD

Deposit: 10 Euro per cassette or book


  • special texts for the beginning level
  • text collections
  • literature texts

Study rooms

  • all levels of books for studying German as a foreign language
  • many grammar books and exercises
  • newspapers and magazines
  • cassettes for listening and practice exercises
  • video films

Study rooms are available from Monday to Friday between Noon (12 p.m.) and 6 p.m.


  • We are specialists in German as a Foreign Language. In our bookshop, you will find many interesting textbooks and exercise books, etc.. You can be sure of receiving competent advice.


  • Hot and cold drinks and snacks are provided.

German Language Courses in Vienna, Austria: Course Guide.

Vienna Language Courses You will speak German in the very first hour. We want you to be able to speak, read, understand and write in German as quickly as possible, which is important for you. Our trainers understand various teaching methods which are used to insure your utmost success.

You will study German in small groups: on the average our German group courses only have 8 - 9 students, so you can learn German more intensively.

We offer German courses on seven different course levels: After filling out our German Placement Test you will be assigned to the German course that complies with your German knowledge ideally.

Intensive German Courses

Intensive Plus German Courses

Evening German Courses

Private One-to-One German Courses

Business German Courses

German Language & Music Classes

German for Teachers of German

German for University Admission

KDS Examination Preparation

ÖSD Examination Preparation

DWD Examination Preparation

Zertifikat Deutsch Exam Preparation

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